CPAP ventilator / with heated humidifier TNI® 20s oxy TNI medical

CPAP ventilator / with heated humidifier TNI® 20s oxy TNI medical
TNI® 20s oxy

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TNI therapy is provided by the device along with nasal insufflations. It provides ventilation system to be utilized for clinical application which includes pressurised air humidification and combining it with oxygen for patients having insufficiency in respiration like COPD. The advanced high-flow respiratory support system enhanced the quality of life. TNI®20s oxy is designed to facilitate a warm and humidified air-oxygen mixture of 5 to 20 liters per minute by an applicator to the nose of the patient. The product guarantees easy breathing of the patient as the nose is not closed at the time of treatment. The therapy is perfect for the patient having Cystic Fibrosis, COPD II to IV and other respiratory disorders. TNI therapy is supplied in addition with LTOT and a latest option to mask ventilation. At the time of therapy application, drying of nasal mucosa, leakages, phobia and mask pressure sores are not included. There is no side effect of TNI therapy.
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