CPAP ventilator / with heated humidifier TNI® 20 TNI medical

CPAP ventilator / with heated humidifier TNI® 20 TNI medical
TNI® 20

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This TNI therapy helps in the nasal insufflations. It offers ventilation for the treatment when the patients are at home or suffering from the sleep related breathing problems. With the latest high flow respiratory support system, the patients can enjoy a better life. The TNI®20 offers a warm, humidified ambient air flow at 5 to 20 liters per minute with the help of an applicator into the nose of the patient. It does not obstruct the breathing while the treatment is going on. This therapy becomes successful for the patients with mild to moderate the OSA and UARS at a comparably needed CPAP pressure of up to 8 mbar. CPAP mask therapy is now substituted by the TNI therapy. This therapy does not take into account mask pressure sores, leakages and phobia and drying out of nasal mucosa. TNI therapy ensures no side effects.
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