Cosmetic injection syringe / low dead space Henke-Sass, Wolf

Cosmetic injection syringe / low dead space Henke-Sass, Wolf
Henke-Sass, Wolf

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For aesthetic or cosmetic use we develop our products with the specific requirements of these applications in mind. Our range of 1 ml syringes without dead space available in Luer and Luer Lock in combination with our 30G needle soon became golden standard for a multitude of users LDS = low dead space design 1 ml LDS syringe without dead space and therefore no loss of drug Saves up to 4.5 ml in 100 applications 1 ml LDS available also in LUER LOCK version for a tight connection of needle and syringe 1 ml LDS syringe available as 2-part and 3-part syringe 30 G needle with the trusted HSW FINE-JECT bevel All products available unsterile bulk Reuseable fine dosing wheel syringe is fully autoclavable Accurate application of 0.01 ml to 0.1 ml stepless pressure transmission through patented dosage wheel
  • Type:cosmetic injection
  • Options:low dead space
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