Dental needle / hypodermic HSW FINE-­JECT® Henke-Sass, Wolf

Dental needle / hypodermic HSW FINE-­JECT® Henke-Sass, Wolf

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As a manufacturer of single-use medical needles, HSW is committed to a patient’s safety and comfort. In order to prevent discomfort for the patient and unnecessary stress for clinicians during usage of our products, HSW products are regularly mechanically analyzed and experiences of clinical practice are fed back in order to improve constantly product quality and safety for higher patient comfort. The single-use hypodermic needles HSW FINE-JECT® stand for high pull-out forces of canula-hub-connection innovative anti-coring treatment of needle tube consistent low penetration load of needle and skin precision lancet point according to ISO 7864 with exact, smooth bevel cut Our single-use needles are available with thin wall or regular wall diameter range of 0.3 mm (30 G) to 2.1 mm (14 G) length range of 6 mm – 120 mm short bevel or long bevel cut
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