Coronary stent / cobalt chromium CONSTELLATION™ Endocor

Coronary stent / cobalt chromium CONSTELLATION™ Endocor

At the heart of the CONSTELLATION™ stent system is a multicellular Cobalt Chromium stent that offers strength, stability, and flexibility for treating the most difficult lesions. Stent Highlights • Co-Cr stent provides strength and stability, while maintaining a high level of flexibility and vessel conformity • Minimal strut thickness (65um) for optimal performance and small vessel stenting • Excellent outward radial force in a low profile stent • Advanced stent engineering provides excellent deliverability and impressive structural performance • Enhanced trackability • The CONSTELLATION™ presents 115% more trackability than other competitor stents • It sets new standards in stent deliverability
  • Cardiovascular system : : coronary
  • Material: : cobalt chromium
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