Copper intrauterine device Cu 375 SMB

Copper intrauterine device Cu 375 SMB
Cu 375

Each SMB Copper 375 (Cu 375) frame is made from compound of Low Density Polyethylene and Barium Sulphate (15% - 24%) with two flexible arms with spurs. A OFE Copper wire (Diameter 0.39 mm ± 0.01 mm) is wound around the stem, giving a total copper surface area of 375mm2 ±20mm2. The ?Frame? is equipped with Polyamide Monofilament (Suture) for checking the presence/position and easy removal. It is packed with an insertion tube in a Tyvek - Mylar film pouch or Mylar - Mylar film pouch. The insertion tube is equipped with a movable flange to aid in gauging the depth to which the insertion tube should be inserted through the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity.
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