Copper intrauterine device / copper-T TCu 380Ag SMB

Copper intrauterine device / copper-T TCu 380Ag SMB
TCu 380Ag

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Each Y shaped SMB Copper T 380Ag frame is made from compound of Low Density Polyethylene and Barium Sulphate wound 0.40mm diameter copper wire silver core of 0.1mm providing a surface area of 380mm² ± 23mm². The Y frame is equipped with Polyamide Monofilament thread (suture) for easy removal. It is also known as Silver IUD and Nova T It is packed together with an insertion tube and Rod in a peelable pouch. The insertion tube is equipped with a movable flange to aid in gauging the depth to which the insertion tube should be inserted through the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity.
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