Cooling block heater BL°CKICE Techne

Cooling block heater BL°CKICE Techne

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BL°CKICE cooling Dri-Block finds an ideal application in labs for chilling samples at sub-ambient temperatures. The unit features a latest lab cooling technology called Isotemp temperature control zone which helps to maintain all the contents at an even cold or warm temperature. The temperature ranges from 0 to 40°C displaying temperature in °C or °F with count up and count down timer. The timer can be pre-programmed for 9 days to meet the need of lab applications and the timer cannot be started unless a stable room temperature is obtained. The device contains two standard aluminium holding blocks with a fast cool down time to make the system ready for use in short time after cooling down. The BL°CKICE cooling Dri-Block holds 2 2 aluminium insert blocks for inserting the sample. When the desired temperature is reached the buzzer beeps indicating end of the elapsed time.
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