Control software / acquisition / data management / chromatography Hitachi High-Technologies

Control software / acquisition / data management / chromatography Hitachi High-Technologies
Hitachi High-Technologies

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Through a collaborative effort between Hitachi and Waters®, Hitachis HPLC system Chromaster are now integrated into the Waters® EmpowerTM 2 software platform. Hitachi High-Technologies developed the drivers using the Open Interface Portal (OIP) driver interface provided by Waters® for this purpose. Hitachi High-Technologies distributes EmpowerTM 2 software and the drivers through their traditional HPLC channels. Control Chromaster modules on EmpowerTM 2 Chromaster modules are fully supported on EmpowerTM 2. For example, the configuration may be set within EmpowerTM 2 and managed as an instrument method. The operational conditions of each module are displayed on the data acquisition screen as a status window. And the performance records, such as pump pressure, error logs, and the like, are managed within EmpowerTM 2. Digital data Transfer The data acquired by Chromaster detectors are transferred digitally to EmpowerTM 2 and subsequently managed as raw data. All of the powerful data management features of EmpowerTM 2 may be employed on this data, including the optional 3D and GPC data processing functions.
  • Application domain:chromatography
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
  • Function:control, acquisition, data management
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