Compact pulse oximeter / fingertip G02™ Achieve 9570-A Nonin

Compact pulse oximeter / fingertip G02™ Achieve 9570-A Nonin
G02™ Achieve 9570-A

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Nonin GO2 Achieve is a Personal Finger Pulse Oximeter. When people lead a very active life, the more people know the more they can do. Any human being who shows concerned in monitoring their oxygen saturation level and heart rate can use this effective oximeter. The product can be easily used while exercising or during daily activities. For checking in-flight hypoxia, passengers and pilots can use this device during air travel; hiking and mountain climbing it can also be used by sports enthusiasts to get reading accurately. The product is the leader in the finger pulse oximetry. GO2 Achieve is affordable and has the same superior technology used by clinicians, doctors and therapists, making Nonin the most trusted name in the finger pulse oximetry. It precisely monitors pulse rate and oxygen saturation. It is non invasive. Some of the features are water resistant, compact and moveable. It has Digital LCD display model: 2.75" L, 1.5" W,1.125" D and can easily fits into finger thickness which ranges from 0.3” to 1.0”.It also works with adult and pediatric finger.
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