Fingertip SpO2 sensor / disposable 6500 Durafoam series Nonin

Fingertip SpO2 sensor / disposable 6500 Durafoam series Nonin
6500 Durafoam series

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The 6500 Durafoam Disposable Sensor finds application in long term acute care environment. The sensor is adhesive free, intended for single use, disposable, durable with extended use and surpasses its traditional series. The unique shape of the sensor keeps it in place while the ultra-soft foam ensures maximum comfort. The sensor is user friendly and easy to apply to the index finger of patients with non-adhesive foam which maintains the skin's integrity. It comes with a life-use of 14 days per patient reducing wastage. The 6500 Durafoam Sensor can be used for pediatric and adults weighing > 30 kg (66 lbs). It comes with a 1 m cable length of 5 mm - 21 mm (0.19 in - 0.82 in) diameter.
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