Cold room laboratory KW Apparecchi Scientifici

Cold room laboratory KW Apparecchi Scientifici
KW Apparecchi Scientifici

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KW offers a series of positive- or negative-temperature cold rooms, characterised by a broad selection of volumes and measurements and suitable insulation thickness (from 60 mm. for T +4 °C to 100 mm. and others for T -20 °C -35 °C). The system or refrigeration circuit can be built as single-body on the roof, or split (remote group). The use of airtight and semi-sealed primary compressors and the use of high-power and efficient exchangers make these cold rooms extremely reliable, even in critical environmental conditions. The materials and the fluids being used are all natural and environmentally friendly, and particular attention is paid to problems dealing with the ozone layer and greenhouse effect. Regarding safety, all fluids being used are non-flammable, non-toxic and non-explosive
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Via della Resistenza, 119 Localita Badesse,
53035 Monteriggioni (SI)
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