Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder / with bucket ALPHA 1670 FILMOP

Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder / with bucket ALPHA 1670 FILMOP
ALPHA 1670

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Product Datasheet ALPHA trolley 1670 certified "Plastic Second Life" (PSV) composed of one small base with wheels Ø 120 mm, 1 asymmetric vertical frame with reinforcement, 120-litre bagholder complete with basket with two handle supports and two hooks, plastic divider 40+80 ltrs, one side basket, 2x4 Ltrs buckets, one blue Top-Down bucket 20 ltrs and one set of T-shaped plugs for vertical frames Applications This trolley is ideal for waste collection and wet mopping or disinfection in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc.... with the Filmop Top-Down system, employing pre-impregnated microfibre mop heads Features * Strong, compact, ergonomic, modular trolley, easy to assemble and to clean. * Green: environment friendly as made of recycled "Plastic Second Life" polypropylene copolymer. * The base can be equipped also with wheels Ø 100 mm and rubber wheels Ø 125 mm * Thanks to the central seat for a fifth wheel, the base can be equipped also with an additional wheel in the middle to be much stronger in case of a fully and heavy loaded trolley. * Its plastic vertical frame guarantees the maximum hygiene, being the waste bag always separated from the rest of the trolley. * 20-litre Top-Down bucket with hermetic cover and handle used for the pre-impregantion of the mops heads, that is to say the preparation of the mops heads with the chemical solution beforehand (in the laundry room), and for the transport of these mop heads into the working place * Bagholder equipped with ergonomic push-bar, handle supports and hook, 40+80 ltrs for the separate collection of dirty cloths and rubbish, available also in other versions: 120 ltrs, 2x60 ltrs, 3x40 ltrs.
  • Components:with bucket, with waste bag holder
  • Applications:cleaning