Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder / with bucket 0000MP7020A FILMOP

Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder / with bucket 0000MP7020A FILMOP

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Multipurpose "MORGAN TOP-DOWN MAXI" plastic trolley made up of a long plastic base with wheels Ø 125 mm and bumpers, 2 Rilsan coated vertical frames, 2 central plastic baskets, 4x 6Ltrs buckets, 1x80Ltrs + 1x40Ltrs bag holder, Rilsan coated upper and lower support for top-down buckets, 2x 20 Ltrs top-down buckets with cover and handle, 20-litre bucket and 3 Flip handle holder Applications Multipurpose trolley ideal for floor mopping and/or disinfection in hospitals, rest homes, clinics, etc... with Filmop Top-Down system using preimpregnated microfibre mop heads. Features * Product made of recyclable polypropylene and Rilsan coated components, rust-proof, shock-proof and chemicals resistant * Quick assembling * Strong plastic base for supporting and carrying different tools on it and avoiding unpleasant dripping on the floor while cleaning it, * Top-Down 20-litre bucket with hermetic cover and handle to prepare the mop heads with the chemical solution beforehand and transport them into the working place. * 20-litre bucket for dirty mop heads/cloths used for the cleaning of surfaces * 1x40+1x80 ltrs for the separate collection of dirty cloths/mop heads and rubbish, bag holder with ergonomic push-bar, equipped
  • Applications:cleaning
  • Components:with bucket, with waste bag holder