Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder 0300MA6120U05 FILMOP

Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder 0300MA6120U05 FILMOP

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Product Datasheet Alpha 6120-05 trolley certified "Plastic Second Life" (PSV) made of long base with wheels Ø 100 mm, 2 asymmetric vertical frames, supporting plastic plate for bagholder, fixed side wall, side closing door, 1x120-litre bagholder, 1x120-litre foldable bag holder, 1x150- litre central bag holder, one divider for central bag holder, cover for central bag holder, set of two plastic shelves and 2 sets of T- shaped plugs for vertical frames Applications Trolley ideal for big waste collection Features * Strong, compact, ergonomic, modular trolley, easy to assemble and clean. * Green: environment friendly as made of recycled "Plastic Second Life"polypropylene copolymer.e * Its plastic base can be equipped also with wheels Ø 125 mm and rubber wheels Ø 125 mm * Thanks to the central seat for a fifth wheel, the base can be equipped also with an additional wheel in the middle to be much stronger in case of a fully and heavy loaded trolley. * Bagholders equipped with ergonomic push-bar, handle supports and hook. * Foldable bagholder 120 ltrs reducing considerably the overall dimensions of the trolley after its use * Bagholder available in different versions: 120 ltrs, 2x60 ltrs, 1x40 ltrs+1x80 ltrs, 3x40 ltrs. * Central bag holder 150 litre supplied with a divider to create a different version 2x75 ltrs. * Upon request the bagholder can be equipped with 2 shock absorbing pistons for a silent and soft closure of the cover (Hush System).
  • Applications:cleaning
  • Components:with waste bag holder