Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder 0000LP1221A2 FILMOP

Cleaning trolley / with waste bag holder 0000LP1221A2 FILMOP

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ARKA TOP-DOWN MAXI plastic trolley certified "Plastic Second Life" (PSV) composed of a plastic frame with wheels diameter 80 mm, a plastic U-shape bar, two pushing grips with reinforcements, one double bagholder 2x60 ltrs, one plastic bag support, one bucket support, 2 buckets 4 ltrs, two Top-Down buckets 20 ltrs, one upper and one lower Rilsan coated bucket support, one Rilsan coated broom support, one hook, one Flip handle support and one standard handle support. Applications This trolley is mainly employed for wet mopping and disinfection in hospitals, rest homes, clinics, etc. with our Top-Down system by using the preimpregnated microfiber mop heads. Features *Components made of recycled "Plastic Second Life"polypropylene and Rilsan coated rust-proof, shock-proof steel, *20-litre Top-Down bucket with hermetic cover and handle used for the pre-impregantion of the mops heads, that is to say the preparation of the mops heads with the chemical solution beforehand (in the laundry room), and for the transport of these mop heads into the working place * Double bagholders 2x60 ltrs for the separate collection of dirty cloths/mop heads and rubbish, it is equipped with cover and reinforcements for a better performance and a longer life * Plastic grips for an easier and better handling of the trolley * Strong bag plastic support PSV for a better stability in case of heavy bags, it avoids also any unpleasant dripping onto the floor * 4-litre buckets PSV in different colours if different chemical products and tools have to be separated from each other * Flip handle support with rubber nonslip roll for a better tightness of any hanging handle
  • Components:with waste bag holder
  • Applications:cleaning