Class III isolator / glove box J-924D Jisico

Class III isolator / glove box J-924D Jisico

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This double sided glove box features a window and two gloves on each side to enable efficient operation. Constructed from stainless steel, the main body has been welded into one piece to guarantee that it is airtight, and includes anti-shock and anti-corrosive characteristics. The glove box features an ante-chamber which is provided for decompression purposes when test materials and equipment needs to be changed. Special gloves that benefit from being airtight and include anti-chemical characteristics are imported from the USA. The double sided glove box benefits from having a fluorescent lamp on the ceiling of the chamber, two valves for decompression, and grounded power receptacles for convenient operation.
  • Class:class III
  • Type:glove box
301-1, Seongsu-Dong 2-Ga,
Seongdong-Gu, Seoul
South Korea
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