Chromatography system / ion mobility / compact SelexION™ AB SCIEX

Chromatography system / ion mobility / compact SelexION™ AB SCIEX

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The SCIEX SelexION Technology device is an effective ion mobility spectrometry tool for improving data quality in the quantitation and characterization of challenging samples requiring advanced analytical selectivity. SelexION Technology on the SCIEX Triple Quad 5500 and 6500 Systems and QTRAP 5500 and 6500 Systems delivers a new dimension of selectivity and performance for applications requiring the separation of isobaric species, elimination of challenging co-eluting contaminants, and reduction of high background noise. Adds differential ion mobility spectrometry to the SCIEX Triple Quad 5500, QTRAP 5500, Triple Quad 6500, and QTRAP 6500 Systems with a compact, easily-interchangeable unit 25ms cycle time per MRM- matches cycle and run times with multi-component analysis and UHPLC time scales Easy to mount/dismount - can be setup in less than two minutes without the need to break vacuum and does not require any tools Integrated chemical modifier - ability to add a chemical modifer to increase peak separation power when needed Stability and reproducibility - proven for regulated bioanalysis guidelines
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