Cervical arthrodesis plate / anterior / 2 levels KINETIC®-SL Life Spine

Cervical arthrodesis plate / anterior / 2 levels KINETIC®-SL Life Spine

The KINETIC-SL Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plate System is an innovatively designed plate that offers up to 2mm of dynamization per level. The KINETIC-SL is a slim anterior cervical plate system with an integrated locking mechanism that allows bone screws to be securely fixated without any additional locking components. The KINETIC-SL plate is internally dynamized and virtually eliminates the possibility of adjacent level abutment. Key Features Up to 2mm of fully adjustable internal dynamization per level Pre-lordosed plates ranging in length to accommodate 1-5 level procedures Low profile plate Bone screws available with a fast turn thread design in both fixed and variable angle configurations Single step integrated locking mechanism Compatible Systems PLATEAU®-C Cervical Spacer System PLATEAU-C Bi-Convex Cervical Spacer System Warning: Products may have labeling limitations. See package insert for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions. Life Spine believes in protecting its investment in research and development with a portfolio of patents and pending patent applications.
  • Number of fused vertebrae: : 2 levels
  • Surgical approach: : anterior
  • Surgical application: : cervical
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