Ceiling-mounted patient lift X-Y Track Spectra Care

Ceiling-mounted patient lift X-Y Track Spectra Care
X-Y Track

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X-Y Track systems provide complete room coverage, optimal when a number of transfer points need to be achieved in a small area. For example, in the bath rooms, shower rooms or classrooms there can be up to 4 transfer points toilet/bath/shower, wheelchair/shower chair or changing bench. Important Factors Joined Favor: The joined favor of being capable to reposition furniture or redesign room layouts without having to consider the track hoist positioning instant flexibility without the joined cost of re-sitting when circumstances change. Process: In some situations an X-Y system has been fitted raised a soft play area or hydrotherapy pool, perhaps sited at one end of a much larger room, offering transfer or lifting points over key areas wherever necessary. X-Y Specifications Mini X-Y System X direction (parallel pair of tracks) up to 3000mm maximum Y direction (the lateral beam) up to 3000mm maximum Maxi X-Y System X direction (parallel pair of tracks) over 3000mm. No maximum limit Y direction (the lateral beam) over 3000mm and up to 6000mm maximum
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