Ceiling-mounted lighting / for healthcare facilities / LED Halo D-TEC

Ceiling-mounted lighting / for healthcare facilities / LED Halo D-TEC

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Together with industrial designers and LED specialists, we have created an ambient light using only the latest in LED technology. A light unit optimised for those places that demand high performance. Halo is energy efficient, easy to clean and practically main- tenance-free. But most important of all are the lighting ergonomics. Halo has a unique colour reproduction and a shadow- and glare-free lighting profile. The next generation LED lighting system is here. The right lighting creates energy for you By virtue of the new LED technology, Halo consumes up to 70% less energy than regular fluorescent units and has a life-span of up to 40,000 hours. But it’s not only better for the environment and your economy. The right lighting reduces eyestrain and increases your capacity for concentration, which makes you feel and perform better. All day long. Design with a higher purpose In many working environments in which the correct lighting is a prerequisite, the demands for hygiene and safety are also set at a high level. Halo’s sleek and smooth design makes it easy to clean, and the light source itself is enclosed, which effectively means that Halo is maintenance-free. It is also en- tirely silent thanks to the self-cooling aluminium construction. It generates hardly any heat at all.
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