Ceiling-mounted lighting / for healthcare facilities Denta Hybrid D-TEC

Ceiling-mounted lighting / for healthcare facilities Denta Hybrid D-TEC
Denta Hybrid

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Denta Hybrid is a pioneering lighting system involving a unique combination of fluorescent lamps and LED lighting which allows colours to change shade at the speed selected by you. It provides staff with perfect lighting for their work and a more agreeable working environment in which there is less stress, a greater ability to concentrate and better care. At the same time, LED lighting has a calming effect on your patients. If they feel safe and relaxed your workflow also becomes quicker and more efficient. From dawn to dusk The Denta Hybrid lighting system is surrounded by a wide band of fluorescent lighting that helps reduce the contrast between the light from the operating lamp and the surrounding lighting conditions. It is fitted with a central area of LED lighting which has the ability to change colour. Different colour combinations can be programmed and a whole days lighting can be simulated, from the shimmering light of dawn to the warm light of dusk. Denta Hybrid is a pioneer in the dental industry which helps you raise your companys profile and become more competitive.
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