Calibration software / medical / for radiology service D-Tect Dürr NDT

Calibration software / medical / for radiology service D-Tect Dürr NDT

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Calibration Automatic calibration using a ball bearing or any other object with a known dimension, like the outer dimension of a pipe. BSR Automatic tool to determine the BSR of an image in accordance with EN17636-2. Report Report function. Gives the user the opportunity to produce a report populated with the information and data along with thumbnail images. We provide the template to your requirements. Wallthickness Automatic measurement tool, single point or multiple measurements along a straight line or around a curve. Set up to give warnings when wall loss reaches a critical level. Aerospace Ideal for Aerospace applications where consistent quality and highest resolution is required. Tailored to fit your needs A versatile software platform that provides the information and data which is relevant for your particular application and workflow.
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