Bronchoscope endoscope / rigid Stening

Bronchoscope endoscope / rigid Stening

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Remove tracheal tumors quickly with this Bronchoscope. It features an external bronchoscope that has a smooth, long bezel and an inner tube that has thin walls as well as sharp edges on its distal end. Sectioned tissue is removed with the help of a fold in the end. To use the external bronchoscope, insert it into the patient's trachea and situate the bezel between the healthy tracheal wall and the lesion. Insert the inner tube so it coincides with the external bronchoscope's position. Trap the lesion between the two tubes by rotating them in opposite directions and then section the lesion by completing the rotation. Remove the inner tube and all or a portion of the tumor can be removed at the same time. Use the bronchoscope to compress the injured surface and perform haemostasis if needed. Depending on the practitioner's preference, other arrangements are also possible.
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