Breast biopsy system / MRI-guided AuroraBIOPSY™ Aurora Imaging

Breast biopsy system / MRI-guided AuroraBIOPSY™ Aurora Imaging

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AuroraBIOPSY is the first and only digitally encoded targeting device and fully integrated MRI-guided biopsy software technology available on the market, eliminating the need to perform manual calculations and count grid squares to determine needle placement. Simply click on the lesion, click on the marker and the integrated software system provides coordinates for precise needle placement! Ideal biopsy procedure with both medial and lateral approaches. With a patient sled providing the largest access area to the breast, the AuroraBIOPSY technology provides you with a fast and accurate interventional solution. Additionally, AuroraBIOPSY allows the specialist to target multiple lesions in the same breast or both breasts in a single procedure. Able to accommodate needle localizations, core biopsy and vacuum-assisted biopsy devices, AuroraBIOPSY also provides proprietary breast stabilization paddles for a truly custom fit per patient.
  • Type of biopsy:breast
  • Control:MRI-guided
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