Breast biopsy needle Mammotome® revolve™ Mammotome

Breast biopsy needle Mammotome® revolve™ Mammotome
Mammotome® revolve™

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Mammotome® revolve™, a new dual-vacuum assisted biopsy platform, is the only device to offer advanced tissue management technology. Designed to empower clinical decision-making, increase procedural efficiency, and provide optimized sample reliability, Mammotome® revolve™ puts information, ease, and clinical reassurance at your fingertips. Its Specimen Management System provides touch-free tissue collection in numbered pathology-ready chambers to preserve tissue integrity. Cartridge trays can be flattened and imaged with tisse to identify and easily locate calcifications. Organized presentation and visualization of the tissue specimens allows real time sampling adjustment. Mammotome® revolve™ employs an advanced needle technology that can customize parameters in real-time to confidently access and acquire challenging lesions. With its 360° Needle Rotation, you can adjust the needle aperture orientation based on the position and approach to the lesion. For more details, visit the Mammotome® website.
  • Application:breast biopsy
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