Breast biopsy needle Mammotome elite® Mammotome

Breast biopsy needle Mammotome elite® Mammotome
Mammotome elite®

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Mammotome elite is the only single-insertion, tetherless breast biopsy device based on the TruVac™ vacuum technology. The innovative vacuum-assisted biopsy device displays speed and ease using a core needle with tissue acquisition. Mammotome elite is a revolutionized first vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device combining superior comfort and accuracy which can only be experienced. The device is always in a continuous processing for perfection. The GripTM allows selection from among the hand positions for a single insertion. The TruVacTM, non-firing bladed insertion tip enables needle controlling and easy movement through tissues this minimizing the time between tissue and sample. The device with 13-gauge needle aperture collects large tissue sample and reliably transports the sample to a large cup aperture for reliable diagnostic. As per data on file, the 13-gauge needle is capable of collecting sample weight thrice than that of the 14-gauge code needle
  • Application:breast biopsy
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