Blood bag tube thermosealer / battery-operated HEMOWELD-GUN Delcon

Blood bag tube thermosealer / battery-operated HEMOWELD-GUN Delcon

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The new HemoWeld-Gun is the ultimate solution in portable tube sealers - the perfect device to achieve safe, reliable and standardised results in a highly technological way.
HemoWeld-Gun can be used to seal most of standard PVC tubing of blood bags; it is a Medical Device with electrical Class of Protection CF, and it can be used on tubing connected to needles still inserted into the vein.

It is available in two configurations: with plastic transport case or with bench hoder.

1. Smart Engineering - the RF generator is directly embedded in the gun, meaning no energy wasted through the cord
2. Motor operated - the whole sealing process is motor operated, highly consistent, with no stress for the operator
3. Silicone Cord - an indestructible cable that can resist both traction and torsion
4. Tension relief - 2 jaws move togheter with the sealing clamp, blocking the tube and ensuring no side traction
5. Easy snap-apart separation - a clear-cut notch line allows for an easy separation of the tube
6. A talkative device - audible alerts and LED notification, always on sight, for an easy detection of any issue
7. Long lasting - a fully charged power pack performs more than 1500 seals
8. Heavy-duty - more than 100 seals in a row
9. Data connection - for log files and settings

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