Blood bag tube thermosealer / automatic HEMOWELD-T Delcon

Blood bag tube thermosealer / automatic HEMOWELD-T Delcon

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This sealer is designed for bench use and for heavy duty job. The sealing clamp automatically closes
once the tube is inserted and the seal is done in about 1.5 seconds. The protection cap of the clamp
is easy to remove and it is washable. HEMOWELD-T can be used to seal most of standard PVC tubing
available on the market.
It is easy to use and to clean and it has a high working capacity. Each seal appears with a central line to
facilitate the snap-apart separation of the two parts: sterility of internal blood components is maintained
as well. An anti-spark and overheat protection systems to avoid damage to the system and tubing
it is included as standard.
A beep and LED signals indicate the presence of sparks while sealing, dirty electrodes or system over
heating. A separate handle is available as an option to improve the flexibility of work.

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