Blood bag Lmb Technologie GmbH

Blood bag Lmb Technologie GmbH
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INDIVIDUAL EXTENSION LINES: The cryostore bag is provided with a single/double/triple ended extension line, each with a female/male luer cap and roller cap. The extension lines can be easily sealed into aliquots for sample use. The bag has twist-off connectors covering two standard membrane spike ports, and all components are latex-free. ASEPTIC HANDLING MADE EASY: The bag has twist-off connectors that are covering two standard spike ports to ensure easy and secure aseptic handling. FREEZING: Designed for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (LN) vapour, the bag may be used in any freezing system, including short-term immersion in the liquid phase of LN. USER SEALS: Extension lines and storage pockets are easily sealed with standard RF or heat seal systems. PACKING: All bags are available with overwrap bags. For clean room procedures they are available double pouched
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