Blood collection monitor Bagmatic NOVO Lmb Technologie GmbH

Blood collection monitor Bagmatic NOVO Lmb Technologie GmbH
Bagmatic NOVO

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Bagmatic NOVO is our new blood collection monitor serving the special needs of mobile blood donations. As a light weight device with outstanding long battery life, it is developed to take a predefined blood donation and mix the product in a three-dimensional way. For quality assurance, Bagmatic NOVO monitors the entire blood donation and registers all significant events that may occur during the process. Features Best choice for field applications (battery driven, with no need for electricity) 8 hours of independent work, more than 150 donations autonomy 3-dimensional mixing of the blood donation OLED display with easy menu navigation Maximum and minimum flow detection ensures smooth treatment of the product Visual indication of error / warning / donation status Wireless connection for data transfer USB plug for data collection SD card data storage Powerful PC software ERYSYS for configuration of the device, data collection and analysis (option) PC software for collecting and exporting data(BNC)
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