Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid m34 D STD Microson

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid m34 D STD Microson
m34 D STD

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Purpose To offer top-range sensations to budget-sensitive users. Advantages Offers a very compact solution for all types of losses. It is an economical and ecological hearing aid. Its minimum energy consumption yields battery savings and meanwhile respects the environment. The incorporation of adjustment trimmers is highly beneficial for professionals and provides for immediate adaptation. Further information When it was launched in 1984, the M34 was the best value analogue hearing aid on the market. It was initially intended to offer top-quality hearing to people with a very limited budget. Over the years, it has become one of the most reliable hearing aids and even today there are people who would not change it for other models with much more advanced technologies.
  • Hearing aid type:behind the ear (BTE)