Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid Cima Microson

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid Cima Microson

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Purpose First super-powerful digital hearing aid to replace the old super-powerful analogue hearing aids. A true revolution. Advantatges The exterior comprises a small stylish case (the smallest in its category) to offer comfort and discretion. The Cima Concept not only provides power, size and style but also has other surprises in store such as wireless technology, treatment of tinnitus, sound quality, processing speed, and special adjustment for children. Further information Cima is the jewel in the crown of the best super-powerful hearing technology. It comes in a host of colours to suit peoples personalities to perfection. It offers a broad range of functions and features developed specifically for better intelligibility of the speech of people with acute hearing loss. Recommended for paediatric adaptations.
  • Hearing aid type:behind the ear (BTE)