Automatic microplate washer Model 1575 Bio-Rad

Automatic microplate washer Model 1575 Bio-Rad
Model 1575

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The Model 1575 immunowash microplate washer offers complete needle position control to perform special wash routines and maximize wash efficiency. This washer includes a wide choice of wash sequences to facilitate protocol creation and storage, and is compatible with 96-well microplates that have flat-, U-, or V-bottom wells. Other functions of this versatile washer include: Programmable needle positions (horizontal and vertical) with a precision of 0.1 mm for bottom washing, cross-wise aspiration, and overflow washing Dispenser speed control Plate-shaking option to help minimize bubbles and adherence of liquids to well sides Waste-bottle sensor to detect high waste-liquid levels Up to 75 programmable washing sequences for customized protocols Easily removable 8- or 12-channel manifolds Easily accessible manifold interior for cleaning and maintenance Removable and autoclavable plate carrier Standard aerosol protection cover Integrated vacuum and dispensing pumps to ensure accurate and quiet washing and to eliminate the need for external pumps
4000 Alfred Nobel Dr,
United States
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