Automatic laboratory vial filling machine FASTFILL® 220 AmericourceBergen

Automatic laboratory vial filling machine FASTFILL® 220 AmericourceBergen

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HIGH TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE – MAXIMIZE PRESCRIPTION VOLUME WITHOUT REMODELING Accurately automates up to 60% of countable prescription medications Faster than any comparable pharmacy robotic system at 200+ prescriptions per hour. Speeds prescription fulfillment with 220 factory-calibrated canisters –99.99% dispensing accuracy. Enhance safety with direct dispensing The FastFill 220 is a direct fill system, which means that each medication is dispensed from its own location. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination, since there is no central chute. Maximize precious pharmacy space Compact footprint is almost identical to one row of traditional aisle shelving, making it easy to boost productivity without expensive or disruptive remodeling. Simple to install: no special wiring, power or air is required, and set-up is done in a matter of hours. Speed, safety, simplicity Ergonomic design streamlines your pharmacy’s operation. Smart tags ensure canisters only dispense from their appropriate locations. Random-load vial bins save time during refilling. FastFill 220 continues operation while canisters and vial bins are replenished. Barcode-driven replenishment ensures accuracy
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