Automated medication dispensing cabinet MedSelect Flex AmericourceBergen

Automated medication dispensing cabinet MedSelect Flex AmericourceBergen
MedSelect Flex

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Used in pharmacy, nursing units, emergency rooms, operating rooms, skilled nursing facilities and critical care environments, automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) are critical to extending the reach of pharmacy. Our ADC solutions are flexible to suit multiple automated dispensing needs. MedSelect® Flex is the cornerstone of our ADC solution line. MedSelect Flex offers hospitals and long term care pharmacy providers a modular ADC solution that helps reduce medication errors, control costs, comply with regulatory agencies and increase staff productivity. This is accomplished through multiple levels of security, best-in-class data storage, robust reporting capabilities, true unit dose dispensing and single item access capabilities. Centrack™ is designed to close the loop on monitoring the complete life cycle of controlled substances in any facility, providing value in three key areas: increased inventory management, cost control and regulatory compliance. SupplySelect leverages the MedSelect design concept to help facilities better manage their supplies inside and outside the pharmacy. This comprehensive, modular storage and tracking system helps facilities reduce time retrieving supplies or addressing lost product and usage data. With the ability to share the same server as MedSelect Flex, facilities can enjoy a complete medication and supply management solution.
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