Automatic hematology analyzer / veterinary LaserCyte Dx™ Idexx Laboratories

Automatic hematology analyzer / veterinary LaserCyte Dx™ Idexx Laboratories
LaserCyte Dx™

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LaserCyte® analyzer is capable of providing a real time results with accuracy which make the standard of care high. The device is designed with advanced technology that helps in usage of the device in home environment. The product has the efficiency to provide complete blood counts and also includes absolute reticulocyte count, body fluid capabilities and true five-part white blood cell differential. The instrument can provide results in very short span of time with accuracy. IDEXX VetLab® Station Laboratory Information Management System is connected with LaserCyte® analyzer which can provide a single comprehensive report for patient which includes all the diagnostic information regarding the patient. The solution provided by the IDEXX SmartService™ ensures the running of laboratory smoothly and saves time. The product benefited by ensuring the complete blood count efficiently with the laboratory-quality reference. A real five parted white blood cell differentiated numerous features on every white blood cell for the accurate analytical purpose.