Automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary VetTest® Idexx Laboratories

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / veterinary VetTest® Idexx Laboratories

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Trusted by 30000 of veterinarians, from different parts of world, IDEXX VetTest® Chemistry Analyzer shows an outstanding combination of easy operation, accuracy as well as flexibility. The IDEXX dry-slide technology gives the most perfect and accurate result. Individuals can customize their testing with help of a fully flexible test menu which includes age-specific reference ranges, 39 species, 7 prepackaged panels and 26 different parameters. Results can be obtained in 8 minutes with aid of plasma, instantly providing clients with answers during their visit. Being connected to laboratory-information management system, IDEXX VetLab® Station, the device can gather all results into the electronic medical record, subsequently printing the same on integrated report ensuring effortless interpretation. Providing flexible fast testing for real-time care, IDEXX VetTest® Chemistry Analyzer offers reliable chemistry results within few minutes. Unique layers associated with IDEXX dry-slide technology, give perfect results even on samples which are compromised by lipemia, hemolysis or icterus. The flexible test menu offered by the medical equipment comprises of 7 prepackaged panels, 26 different parameters, fast adjustment for drug therapy, easy rechecks and customized flexible testing.