Automatic biochemistry analyzer FA-120 Clindiag Systems

Automatic biochemistry analyzer FA-120 Clindiag Systems

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Features Batch analyzer End point, kinetic, fixed time, bichromatic, serum blank, 1-2 reagent assays, multi-standard and all users programmable Insert stat sample at any time during testing With liquid sensor and automatic probe washing avoiding carrying over Automatic carry-over control function (patented) Reaction tray reusable QC data with levey-jennings chart External printer, multi printing forms are available Intelligent multi task software Complete open parameters setup makes the analyzer may work with any kits qualified locally Technical Specifications Sample Capacity: 64 for sample, calibrator/standard and control Reagent Capacity: 20 refrigerated reagent positions Throughput: 120 tests /hr Reading Cuvette: Flow through cell Temperature Precision: 37degree.centigrade ?.1 Program Memory: Store 200 test programs and more than one million test results Calibrator: 1-6 standards Optical system: Light Source: 6V/10W long-life halogen lamp Filter: 7 high quality narrow band filters and 2 more open filter positions. Wavelength Range: 340nm-750nm Photometric Measuring Range: 0-3.0 O.D Diluter: 1000ul, 1.0ul/step Reaction Tray: 96 reaction cuvettes placed in temperature controlled incubator External Devices: Pentium IV pc, printer monitor Power Supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ Software: Windows XP/2000
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