Microplate reader MR-96 Clindiag Systems

Microplate reader MR-96 Clindiag Systems

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Features An 8-channel microplate reader with high sophisticated technology High quality, high reliability and easy to operate Automatic focusing function makes the testing results more precise Tray shaking function Technical Specifications Measuring System: 8 channels Wavelength: 405/450/492/630nm Linear Measurement Range: 0.001-3.500 Abs Photometric Accuracy: ?.02 A Repeatability: <0?.0% Stability: <0.005 Abs Tray Shaking: Yes Optical Filters: 578,620nm Detector: Automatic focusing function makes the results more precise. Interface: RS232 serial port Printer: Internal printer Analysis Mode: O.D.,cut-off, single and multi-standard(up to 10 calibrators), Mono-bichromatic wavelength, dynamic reading, etc. Data processing and memorization: The reader has the function to store Test methods. In addition, MR-96 is also able to memorize 200 tests and 1500 tests separately. Power Supply: 220V 50HZ
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