Automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top NEPHYS AMS

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top NEPHYS AMS

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INTRODUCTION Designed for clinical laboratories, the NEPHYS™ is an open, random access, counter-top, fully automated ImmunoNephelometric system. METHODOLOGIES ImmunoNephelometric fixed-time, end point, kinetic and differential 300+ different methods can be programmed. OPERATIVE MODE Profile, batch, selective, STAT THROUGHPUT 180 tests/hr SAMPLE LOADING Continuous loading on 4 separate racks, 8 positions each. STAT samples can be placed at any time in any of the 4 racks and be run immediately SAMPLE CONTAINERS Primary tubes (diameter from 8 to 16 mm; height up to 100 mm). Cups from 1 ml to 4 ml SAMPLING Sample volume: 2.0 to 99 microliters (1 ? increments) Reagent volume: 3.0 to 499 microliters (1 ? increments)Capacitive leve) sensorReagent preheating to 37° CAutomatic sample probe washing (internai and external)Probe wash cycle is operator programmable REAGENTS 24 positions available for reagent containers STANDARDS AND CONTROLS Up to 12 positions MINIMUM REACTION VOLUME 250 microliters READING CUVETTES 120 semi - disposable, optic grade cuvettes divided among 6 racks (20 each)