Automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top LIASYS AMS

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / bench-top LIASYS AMS

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INTRODUCTION LIASYS is a fully automatic random access, continuos loading, easy access benchtop Clinical Chemistry and Immunoturbidimetric analyzer. The instrument features primary tubes sampling, capacitive liquid level sensing, positive identification of the samples (optional), and module for ISE (optional). It is therefore suitable to perform the daily routine of low/medium - sized laboratories in a entirely safe and reliable way, providing flexible and cost effecive solutions. The LIASYS multitasking and user friendly software, running under Windows 98, enhances the system's potential and performance. LIASYS TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS and SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIPTION: Fully automatic,random access, continuous loading, benchtop analyzer for Clinical Chemistry and Immunoturbidimetric assays. ASSAY TIPE: End point, Kinetic, Differential, Bichromatic and Immunoturbidimetric; up to 999 tests, all user programmable. ON LINE REAGENTS: 4 racks are provided to hold up to 33 reagents that are divided as follows: - 2 racks cooled by Peltier cells holding up to 20 reagents - 2 racks for 13 reagent positions and 14 standards and controls at room temperature - 2 additional positions for diluents. SAMPLES LOADING: 5 racks for continuous loading of samples split in: - 64 positions for routine samples - 14 positions for STAT samples PRIMARY TUBES SIZE: max 16 mm x 100 mm (height) STAT SAMPLES PROCESSING: Allowed at any time THROUGHPUT: Up to 333 test/hour with ISE (200 without ISE)