Automated medication dispensing system Mekapharm Omega Dosette

Automated medication dispensing system Mekapharm Omega Dosette
Mekapharm Omega

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Mekapharm Omega – Automated Storage and Dispensing Robot * Scalable compact product storage that leverages current pharmacy footprint. * Intelligent software manages inventory levels, medication expiration date, and removes abandoned will-call prescriptions. * User friendly software interface. * Fast dispensing and stocking rates. * Universal technology: cylinders, thin and large boxes, and products up to 4lbs. * Delivers products per complete prescription. * Dispenses to any location in your pharmacy such as sales counters and wall kiosks. * Integrated sorter available – automatically feeds sorted product to the robot for compact stocking on storage shelves. * Automates: pick and place for will-call dispensing of medication and OTC drugs, reserve stocking, and raw material pick and place to facilitate filling operations. * Automatically stocks Apoteka Automated Dispenser.
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