Automated medication dispensing system Mekapharm Apoteka Dosette

Automated medication dispensing system Mekapharm Apoteka Dosette
Mekapharm Apoteka

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Mekapharm Apoteka – Automated Product Dispenser * Stores and dispenses rigid-sided products to conveyors such as unit-of-use prescriptions, OTC medications or other valuable stock items better protected behind the counter from theft and tampering. * Stocked manually or automatically by the Omega Robot. * Intelligent software manages inventory levels, and automatically manages expired medicines and recalled items maintained in the system. * Fast, dispensing 160 products per second. Pharmacy benefits: * Reduces customer wait time. * Increases the number of customers served at peak hours with the same number of employees. * Maintains quality customer service under all labor constraints (peak traffic, illnesses, leave, opening hours, etc.). * Unsurpassed routing speeds, processes between 6 and 12 complete prescriptions per minute. * Eliminates movements to save between 2 and 3 hours of daily work per counter (i.e. 1/3 of work time). * Reduces queue sizes, allowing more time for advising customers. * Accelerates storage and facilitates reserve management. * Maintains precise capacity to give you better control of your stock and stock needs. * Eliminate the risk of out-of-date drugs (“FIFO: First In – First Out”). * Redeploys or reduces pharmacy and store staff without losing flexibility or customer focus.
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