Archiving transmission system NovaPacs™ Novarad Corporation

Archiving transmission system NovaPacs™ Novarad Corporation

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NovaPacs is the leading industry for PACS system and is continuously developing radiology efficiency through a mouse driven viewer with a customizable interface and user-friendly features. NovaPacs is the only PACS you'll need since it has the best technology with both thin client and zero client solutions that use high level streaming, imaging algorithms, and proprietary methods for distributing large data sets quickly. It has a full-featured viewer that is robust and scalable, very easy to use and can be customized with buttons, toolbars, menu hotkeys, and mouse settings. Images and reports may be accessed through any web browser, PDA, or smart phone. The full diagnostic viewer is available via any computer and features hanging protocols, MIP, MPR, and voice annotation.
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