Apheresis machine Dualpress Lmb Technologie GmbH

Apheresis machine Dualpress Lmb Technologie GmbH

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Dualpress is a device for separation of whole blood into the individual components. By its dual structure, Dualpress can treat two bag systems at the same time. Dualpress is freely programmable and can be adapted to different needs and requirements. Unique navigation and display through touchscreen enable easy and quick operation Features High quality device for whole blood separation Quick blood separation process and high platelet recover Bloodseparation on two places simoultaneously LAN data transfer, Network ability, Win Software LmbNet TOP/TOP and TOP/BOTTOM Process Blood flow control Touchscreen with easy menu navigation Open system for each type of bloodbag Colour learning sensors for each tube and bag system Pressing of air out of the plasma bag
MoslstraBe 17,
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