Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / foam / multi-layer STM-BHD EUROFOAM

Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / foam / multi-layer STM-BHD EUROFOAM

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BARIATRIC STM/BHD MATTRESS The bariatric mattress has been designed to fit wider bed bases and to accommodate higher body weights. This mattress is manufactured using high load bearing foam layers providing comfort, pressure area care and durability. It is suitable for patients up to 400 kg.60% of the immobile patient group are "at risk" of developing pressure sores. The resources given to treating such sores would be better employed if the sores were prevented from developing. Foam for Care offers a product range addressing a variety of requirements of patients and carers, in the hospital, in residential homes or at home. Due to our international standing and experience, the mattresses exhibited by Foam for Care are conform to the requirements of each individual country. The anti-decubitus product range has a profiled foam core with a multi-stretch polyurethane cover. A mattress core of a high density (45-55 kg/m3), high resilient foam, provides both durability and pressure sore prevention. The symmetrical design aids turning, thus increasing the life of the mattress. In order to create additional comfort and pressure distribution, a sophisticated foam top layer can be added. More rigid side borders help people to stand. Appropriate pillows are available.
  • Applications:anti-decubitus
  • Structure:multi-layer
  • Technology:foam