Anesthesia ventilator / resuscitation / veterinary ALPHA 100 MINERVE

Anesthesia ventilator / resuscitation / veterinary ALPHA 100 MINERVE

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The ALPHA respirator is a genuine control centre: from monitoring of specific parameters to ventilation and anaesthesia techniques for animals. It is a volumetric respirator at a set frequency and is used for resuscitation, ventilation and assisted and controlled anaesthesia of animals from 2 to 150 kg. It operates in an open or closed circuit by simple operation of the switch-way valve. It enables the inspiration frequency to be increased depending on patient signals via the trigger. Spontaneous/assisted respiration of the patient is monitored or controlled (when apnea detected ) through the integrated ventilation monitoring. Combined setting of the trigger and the end of insufflation safety device enables it to fulfil a barometric function while retaining the operating principle and advantages of a closed circuit.
  • Application:anesthesia, resuscitation