Anesthesia patient breathing circuit King Systems Corporation

Anesthesia patient breathing circuit King Systems Corporation
King Systems Corporation

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Dual Limb Anesthesia Breathing Circuits is compatible with our entire line of inventive heat and moisture filters, breathing bags, tubing and face masks. We have King Systems instant quality dual limb anesthesia breathing circuits. It is well protects opposed to contamination. Compresses to one third of its expanded length to eliminate the need to stock circuits of distinct lengths and saves valuable storage space. It accessible in a number of cost saving configurations and packaging options. It allows gas to freely pass. It has bendable shape and positioning decrease torque on the endotracheal tube. It has distinct assistance of King Systems Dual Limb Breathing Circuits. This unprecedented level of flexibility ensures patients receive optimal care and comfort, while healthcare providers gain total control over the most difficult draping situations. Jointly, this product lines offer clinicians over 2,000 custom circuit configurations.