Anesthesia patient breathing circuit King F2™ King Systems Corporation

Anesthesia patient breathing circuit King F2™ King Systems Corporation
King F2™

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King F2: Single-Limb Anesthesia Breathing Circuit System King Systems provides markets leading co-axial circuit, the King F2 Single-Limb Anesthesia Breathing Circuit System. The single-limb’s exclusive swivel connector at the patient end, helps eliminate curling problems and helps reduce torque, making repositioning the circuit easier. This innovative unit forms a thermally-efficient atmosphere for anesthesia that delivers heat and humidity to patients. The King F2’s patented, multi-chambered filter provides the maximum level of protection to the patients. It is more cost-effective than other manufacturers dual-filter alternatives. The King F2 can be transported with ease and the patient can have it until recovered. Thus, it eliminates the need for a second circuit. Benefits of King Systems Single-Limb Breathing Circuit System Self-contained unit Easily converts to a transport system offering continuity of care Clinically proven thermal efficiency Minimal torque, resistance and compliance Can be converted into a high flow (Bain or Mapleson) circuit with connector and fresh gas extension Co-axial filter increases patient safety, simplifies set-up and eliminates the need for two filters Protects against contamination Affordable